Bits of software for your use...
These are little libraries I have created, that you may use, under the GPL license. Enjoy!
    This is a Java utility for programmatically uploading videos to YouTube. Despite all the Google GData APIs around YouTube, uploading videos is not offered. JYouTube utility will let you do it, as well as receiving speed/time progress information about your upload. Originally based on (ported from) PHPTube (by Michael Kamleitner), but has since diverged greatly.
    This is a JNI wrapper that allows you to use the Microsoft DPAPI encryption library in your Java programs. This is a very secure way of encrypting/decrypting data, letting you keep (for example) database passwords in properties files, without the need for you to keep track of a “key” (the O/S does it for you). This only works on Windows obviously, but is a great choice for security if you have the option.
    This is an ANT task that allows you to compile huge java source file sets that would typically give you out-of-memory exceptions while compiling (several thousand source files, for example).
    These are some CheckStyle checks that check for wasted objects (like novice wrapper object usage, and needless getTime() usage), and resource usage in loops, like using a DB connection in a loop.
    This is a JDBC call tracing utility that will help you identify duplicate queries and unclosed resources (including stack traces of unclosed Statements). It can be used with any JDBC driver, and intercepts at the very lowest level (starting at the JDBC driver). Very easy to use; an indispensable utility if you do any database coding at all. Best used in your unit-test best development cycle.
    This was an open-source web-app (PHP) that helped manage IP, and DNS name conflicts on “linked” community wireless networks. This was all the rage back in 2002: each hotspot owner would have their own DNS and DHCP servers, but would then a have tunnel/backbone link to other “hotspots”, so there was a highly-meshed network of networks). At least 15 community networks in Spain where using this, the largest of which was MadridWireless with over 30 nodes. They are all now quite defunct I assume. It even dynamically draws a graphical network diagram with network names, links, subnets, etc, and was translated to 5 languages. Pretty neat.
I have lots more tid-bits, but they need to be re-packaged for “publishing”. As I do this, more libs will end up here.